Backpacking Workouts: Explosive Workouts to Get You Trail Ready

In my John Muir Trail training plan I mention using sprints and plyometric workouts as part of my plan to get in shape for the trail. While these types of workouts seem second nature to me, I realize not everyone is familiar with this type of training. If you’d like to add some more explosive types of workouts to your backpacking workout plan, take a look at these basics on sprint workouts and plyometrics.

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John Muir Trail Workout Plan: Couch to Thru-Hike

There’s no denying that navigation prep, gear prep and food prep are all important when planning a thru-hike, but what about self-prep? The John Muir Trail is more than a walk through the woods; it hikes those who follow it up and down seven mountain passes before its final terminus on Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the contingent United States. Completing this trail safely and within a planned time frame requires hikers to be at a fitness level that’s up to the challenge.

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